Billionaire urges lawmakers to raise taxes on rich to help cut budget deficit The right way is to kill any rich who failed to side with the interests of all people to say no to tax. Rich is not a crime but a burden, your government abusing public power to tax anyone is committing the worse crime than any banker robber. That sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral Warren Buffett must be killed immediatel 21世紀房屋仲介y, because his sucking rich and famous must built through your sucking USA government abused public power to tax every one who has to own a house to live, who has to buy stuff to move under the name of Harris County, under the name of HOA, under the name of Secretary of Texas, under the name of Allstate, under the name of AT&T, under the name of Reliant Energy, under the name of 酒店工作 MUD, under the name of public school, under the name of "Repubic Waste Services". Any rich American who rely on his own hard working rely on his braincell to build up his rich, must know that it is a most serious crime a Government (Government must always get ready to help, must not be allowed to own any power or force to fear, scare, fine, punish anyone; had your sucking US or Texas government had ARMANI not abused the power or force to fine that sucking Formosa built factory in Texas, that sucking shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral 左子華 {Victoria 7136664966 5555West Loop STE 300; 7137673759; 2812088324 3414 Plymouth Pointe Lane MissOurI City 77459} another form of 鄧麗君 must have no way to tool your sucking government powerful forceful position to eat your entire USA out through that Formosa big business net. I 房屋出租a>f your government does not know how to help, you should just kill that helpless hopeless business owner the most merciful fastest way along with all his slaves out of this world to show how USA can keep best White said "Give me Free or Give me Death". Deficit? You can print as many as US dollar bill, or you can just kill that deficit <Those who can have that suck to tool their sucking spare money to deficit US government more deserve to be kill 房屋出租ed than US government; you can be rich enough to buy US deficit, you cannot have the righteous guts to tell US Government stopping abusing public power to tax any thing to charge any fee, you dare take advantage of the shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral out of sucking US government to gang and/or gain, you must more deserve to be killed than US government @@@If all public office inside USA is the one creating deficit, then kill all public office workers, you 結婚 dare occupy public office to suck, you have to have the dare to die on duty; if U.S.military is the one caused deficit, then dismiss all US military to let them to hide like die or just respect their free right to go rebel to kill anyone as they like and/or dislike inside USA like they showed in Middle East Kuwait/Iraq/Afghan/Africa and the rest of the world.@@@. Shame on you all sucking USA deficit buyer, your shameless brainless cold cold hard immoral more deserve you to thirsty and s 房屋出租tarve to die than Terri Schiavo suffered in front of your entire world eyes. > to see which way more affordable to you. You are on the war, there's no way you can rely on abusing your public power to tax anyone to win.) can committed by abusing public power to tax any thing or to charge any fee, that how George Washington could have France military to fight Independent War along with him (Because they knew that once you allow your government to tool any name to charge any fee, your entire nation, your entire r 租辦公室ace, your entire society, your entire community, your entire subdivision, your entire people, your entire Earth must be sold out, not if but when.), that how USA Bankers not ever want to charge any tax fee for government, that how USA bankers used not to do any mortgage business when those USA bankers still have First Class White Man (Why those First Class White Man lost his power? Because they failed to see what Chinese can see that rich is a burden, you are rich and famous, you lost your "Do.Sun.7.Sheng" right; you dare be 烤肉rich, you have to bravely take your "Jane.Sun.Ten.Shot" duty, that how poorest Mainland China could do what the richest USA failed to do to build up that Communist China to take care the powerless forceless helpless hopeless desperate must needed decent life totally free of charge. Those Bankers refuse to do the tax for government not good enough, they should have had demanded Government to print Dollar bill to pay anyone instead of relying on any tax or any fee to sold out your nation, to sold out your people's soul. What a Damn USA! ) own power there. 信用貸款  .
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